When it all started

When we were graduating at HETIC (french school specialized in web developpment) we had to work on a large amount of projects. The allocated time was always short so we had to work quick and well. At this time, we discovered the benefits of using third-party services through their APIs to build faster and more featured web applications.

Since when, we've desperatly been looking for a technology allowing us to gain time by automating recurring tasks we had to face. That's why, a year ago we decided to build our own framework.

Today, we launch our company Wistity because we want to share with the world our vision of an ideal web development ecosystem.

We believe in flexibility while keeping code property.
We believe in APIs and consider they'are the future of our industry.
We believe in modularity because we don't want to be trapped in an architecture model like we are with CMSs.
We believe that recurring and boring tasks such as user management, data management and authentication should be delivered out of the box.
We believe in front-end technologies agnosticism.
We believe in data-storage agnosticism.

All those believes have led to Strapi…

We look forward to hearing from you. Our mission is your success.