Release v3@alpha.9 ๐ŸŽ‰

Strapi v3@alpha.9 has been released, with many new features and improvements. Let's discover what's new!

Whatโ€™s new in alpha.9?

Alpha.8 was mostly dedicated to fixing bugs. But don't worry, alpha.9 just landed to bring you awesome new features:

๐Ÿš€ Authentication with providers

Authenticating your users with email and password combination is great. However, letting them subscribe to your API using their Facebook, Google, GitHub or Twitter account is even better. This is called Authentication with Providers, and now available with Strapi alpha.9!

Authentication Providers

Related pull requests: 464 and 501.

๐Ÿš€ Email templates customisation

The Users & Permissions plugin uses emails for some functionalities, such as Reset Password and Account Activation. Because your app deserves to be customised and potentially use another language than english, we gave you the ability to change the email templates content directly from the admin panel.

Email templates customisation

Related pull request: 499.

๐Ÿš€ New configurations to disable sign-up and unique email

We gave you the ability to authorize, or not, registering multiple user accounts with the same email address (but connecting through different providers) and to enable/disable signup, within one-click.

New configurations

Related pull request: 499.

๐Ÿš€ Permissions in database

Each permission rules was stored in the project's file. However, sometimes you need to update them in production, which was not possible with an horizontal scaling servers architecture since files were written on each server.

From now, every permissions rules are stored in the database instead of hardcoded files.

Permissions database

๐Ÿš€ Analytics Plugin

Every company needs to know how its API is used: how many users did subscribe during the last two weeks? How many times the products list has been requested? How many users posted a comment between the 1st and the 15th of January?

That's why we are pleased to introduce you the new Analytics plugin. You will see it installed by default in the project generated by v3@alpha.9. To get more informations, please schedule a demo.


๐Ÿ› Bug Fix

  • [Framework] Fix package 'strapi-generate-new' rm files on Windows 469 by @Nsbx
  • [Framework] Fix install connection test node module path on Windows 492 by @ArkhipovK
  • [Admin] Fix undefined rootAdminpath in admin dev mode 490 by @gluxon
  • [Framework] Fix PostgreSQL and MySQL query logs 507
  • [Plugin] Fix save user model 534 by @Adriang71

๐Ÿ’… Enhancements

  • [Documentation] Update documentation 491
  • [Admin] Fix plugin's icon design on list-plugins page 460
  • [Plugin] Add repo location in plugins package 480
  • [Plugin] Auth email case-insensitive 442 by @lucaperret
  • [Framework] Unescaped character in username/password 473 by @lucaperret
  • [Framework] Add environment variable for username and password databases config 502 by @lucaperret
  • [Documentation] Improve template issue GitHub 512
  • [Plugin] Update roles with models 507
  • [Documentation] Add email template documentation 526

Here is the full changelog:

Thank you @Nsbx, @ArkhipovK, @gluxon, @Adriang71 and @lucaperret for your contributions!

Give it a try!

Looking forward to try this new version?


  • Node (8 or higher) installed on your machine.
  • MongodDB installed and running.

Install it:

$ npm i strapi@alpha -g

Check installation:

$ strapi -v

It should print 3.0.0-alpha.9.

Create your first project:

$ strapi new my-app

Choose your database credentials.

Start your server:

$ cd my-app
$ strapi start

Open the admin panel, start building your API, give a look at the documentation to discover the next steps and join us on Slack to give your feedback.



Migrating from v3@alpha.8 to v3@alpha.9

If you are already building an API using v3@alpha.8, we recommend you to to migrate to v3@alpha.9. Don't worry, a fully detailed migration guide is available.

Win a t-shirt!

Some of you won a t-shirt during v3@alpha.7 release.

This time, it could be yours, so try to win one of the three available t-shirts by retweeting our latest tweet.

Strapi T-shirts

Three winners will be drawn among people having retweeted our latest tweet before the February 14th 12:00am Paris time.

What's next?

Strapi alpha.10 will be mostly dedicated to foundations consolidation. Every settings are currently stored in the projects files. Like for the permissions, you may need to update them in production. That's why we are going to store some of them in the database. Also, the input component that we are currently using in the admin panel start becoming a mess: before to go any further, we are going to make it easier to use.

Thanks to your amazing feedback on the successful Vote page, we exactly know what will be the next major features: Upload and GraphQL!

Stay tuned!

The Strapi Team