Release v3@alpha.12.5 - Search, Filters, Bulk Actions πŸŽ‰

After a few weeks working on stability, here is a new set of super handy features!

Strapi release

The Content Manager is a major piece of Strapi. It lets you easily see and edit entries. These two essential features make this plugin one of the most used. But when it comes to big apps, the user experience to retrieve specific records and edit them was limited. This problem is solved with this new release, composed of three helpers which will make your life easier: Search, Filters and Bulk Actions. Take a look at them!

Imagine you are building a Job Board using Strapi. You start having some applicants. Everything is going well. Then, you need to retrieve a specific person through this list. The only thing you remember is her first name: Astrid. Using the new Search system, you only need to type some characters to retrieve the corresponding results.


πŸ”¬ Filters

Let's go deeper: your company is growing like a Unicorn. Thousands of people applied to your service. This is awesome, congrats to you!

Search is powerful, but you may want to proceed more specific requests. For example: selecting the users having an email containing Now you want to restrict this list to the users having "Node" in their description? No problem. Use the filters system to find entries according to specific criteria:


⛓️ Bulk Actions

Time goes on, you have selected your future teammates, everything is going well. As a matter of fact, you also eliminated some of them. That happens. For that reason (and to be GDPR compliant...), you need to delete them. Instead of going on the edit view of each one, you can use the brand new Bulk Actions system: select entries you want to delete ticking boxes and trashing them.

Bulk Actions

πŸ› Bug fix

Tens of bugs have been fixed and enhancements added. Please take a look at the changelog for more informations.

Thank you abdonrd, DanielRuf, derrickmehaffy, Duske, ekamgit, ertugrulungor, johanbaath, johannpinson, kamalbennani, kamalbennani, makzimko, marcostephan, nurikabe, nyl-auster, okaris, raulriera, stephledev, tsabolov, ujal, yakupad, zhuang17 for your contributions!

Give it a try!

Update your Strapi version through a single command line:

$ npm i strapi@alpha -g

Take a look at the Getting Started guide to jump on board.

Migrating to v3@alpha.12.5

If you are already building an API using Strapi, we recommend you to to migrate to this version. Don't worry, a fully detailed migration guide is available.

What's next?

The roadmap for the next three months is going to published within the next few days: stay tuned on Twitter.

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This job board may not be just an example! The Strapi team is growing πŸš€ We are currently looking for you, Strapi user, to push your favorite API creation tool to the next level!

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