Release v1.5.0

We just released the v1.5.0, the first long term support version. The main change is the admin panel is now open-sourced and built-in your generated Strapi applications.

We first decided to spread the admin as a service to maximize the backward compatibilities and minimize the risks of a broken admin. But we are aware everyone prefers it as an open-source project that’s why we decided to change our mind to meet your needs.


  • Added git pre-commit automation tool aiming to launch tests before committing.
  • Use tilde ranges for npm dependencies to avoid breaking changes.
  • Added a ‘--dry’ option when generating an application not to have built-in ORM and features.
  • Improved the restart process and automatically install adapters and template engines on config changes.
  • The admin panel is now open-source and built-in your applications. This includes a suppression of the ‘dashboard’ hook.

User Management:

  • Generate different JWT secrets for each environment.
  • Prevent double password encryption.


  • Add documentation about session configuration.
  • Add documentation about the open-source admin panel.
  • Add documentation about the ‘--dry’ option.


  • Improved database verification to make sure you don’t write wrong information.
  • Improved global UX to make comprehension easier.
  • Improved socket management to make connections between applications and the Studio faster and cleaner.
  • Added application configuration and environment settings to let you manage your application preferences.

The v1.5.0 is the last minor release before the v2.0.0, which will be released in the next few months with some major changes.

We are really happy to see Strapi’s community growing up every day.

Your feedback is our motivation. Thank you all for your awesome support.