Release v1.3.0

This release includes a few improvements of the Strapi framework but the most important change is the new Dashboard as a Service for clients.


  • Added an 'explorer' hook to dialog with the Dashboard as a Service.
  • Used the 'passport' node module as a middleware.
  • Removed useless request when logout action via the CLI.

User Management:

  • Removed 'passport' useless sessions.
  • Fixed error messages.
  • Added a 'deleteRole' policy for more security.


  • Added a lot of examples.


  • Added a 'F.A.Q.' page.
  • Added a 'How it works' page.

As you may know, we decided to separate the Studio and the Dashboard because the Studio is dedicated to developers with development tools and the Dashboard to clients with data management tools. Clients don't need to see what's going on, they only need to access their data, nothing more. Developers take care of the REST.

Thank you very much all for your live feedback on Slack and your PRs on GitHub.