Release v1.1.0

This release includes many improvements for Strapi's ecosystem. The most important change is the suppression of modules. Everything was simplified to make the UX between your local applications and Strapi Studio way more enjoyable.


  • Made Strapi compatible with any version of Node.js.
  • Removed the modules concept to only keep APIs.
  • Improved the UX between your application and the Studio.
  • Let the developer use custom generators.
  • Auto-install new adapters.

User Management:

  • Changed default permissions.
  • Improved providers' authentications.

Admin Panel:

  • Improved the UI.
  • Improved relation behaviors.


  • Renamed Strapi Dashboard to Strapi Studio for better understanding.
  • Improved the readability of the documentation.
  • Improved the UX of the APIs management.
  • Improved the files exchange between this Studio and the apps.


  • Improved the readability of the documentation.
  • Fixed documentation menu behavior.

Thanks a lot for your feedback all! Specially to @sylvainlap_, @ThibautHa, @pupster and@psi for your realtime feedback on Slack and @ogrotten for you issue reports on GitHub.

Feel free to contact us via Slack to give us your feedback.