Release v3@alpha.8 🎉

Strapi v3@alpha.8 is available: admin deployment bug fix and permissions enhancements!

What’s new in alpha.8? 🚀

Alpha.7 was a big step, with the release of the Users & Permissions plugin.

You gave us great feedback about it and reported some issues. That's why v3@alpha.8 has been mostly dedicated to fixing bugs.

Deploying an app with the admin panel was complicated and almost impossible in most cases, which was quite annoying. We considered this problem as a priority and decided to entirely reviewed the admin build workflow. This issue has been fixed in v3@alpha.8, so now you can deploy your APIs with confidence. We also took the advantage of these updates to let you host the admin front-end on a different server.

Last but not least, we fixed the issue concerning permissions management.

Thank you acifer, lucaperret, Nsbx, fixerror, ArkhipovK, valkalon and dakuenjery, for your contributions!

Strapi admin panel

Give it a try!

Looking forward to try this new version?


  • Node (9 or higher) installed on your machine.
  • MongodDB installed and running.

Install it:

$ npm i strapi@alpha -g

Check installation:

$ strapi -v

It should print 3.0.0-alpha.8.

Create your first project:

$ strapi new my-app

Start your server:

$ cd my-app
$ strapi start

Open the admin panel, start building your API, give a look at the documentation to discover the next steps and join us on Slack to give your feedback.



Migrating from v3@alpha.7 to v3@alpha.8

If you are already building an API using v3@alpha.7, we recommend you to to migrate to v3@alpha.8. Don't worry, a fully detailed migration guide is available.

Win a t-shirt!

Some of you won a t-shirt during v3@alpha.7 release.

This time, it could be yours, so try to win one of the three available t-shirts by retweeting our latest tweet.

Strapi T-shirts

Three winners will be drawn among people having retweeted our latest tweet before the February 7th 12:00am Paris time.

What's next?

v3@alpha.9 is in active development! It will mostly contain improvements on the Users & Permissions plugin. Currently login and registration only support email with password combination. In the upcoming version, you will be able to use authentication providers such as Twitter, Facebook and GitHub to identify users. Your app deserves to be customized: email templates content will be completely configurable.

As you have probably seen, we recently released the Vote page on our website. Upvote the features you would like to help us prioritising the roadmap.

Don't forget to share our latest tweet to win a t-shirt!

The Strapi Team