Inside the box - September, 2016

Welcome on the 2nd "Inside the box".

As promised, here is an update of our progress during the last month! A lot of things have been done since the last post. We hope you will enjoy them!

About the v3.0

Framework layer advancements

As you can see, we pushed on the master branch our work in progress on the v3.0.0 (see the related PR)! We also updated the README to inform the users of the current state of the repository. We will continue to push and merge on master as long as the v3 will not be ready in a beta version.

We move all the repositories to a new organization called strapi. The old organization wistity remains available but redirects to the new one.

An issue was opened to provide an auto refresh feature on Strapi. The feature has been added and merged! We use forever-monitor (the core monitoring functionality of forever without the CLI) to restart the server. Forever watches the entire app directory to detect a file's update. See the related PR

Finally, we provide a new way to manage hook's load order through a new specific file hooks.json in the config directory. See the related PR

Administration panel advancements

We will release on GitHub our work during the month of September. Over the last few weeks, we focused our efforts on the architecture to build a powerful React app with an easy way to integrate independent plugins in the same place. This was a hard work because there are a lot of cases to cover, and our work has not yet to been completed.

Despite all that, the most difficult part has been done! In a next article, we will introduce our new administration's design and explain what exactly we are building in a more concrete way.

We are excited to show another screenshot of the most important plugin in the Strapi's ecosystem. This is what we called before the "API Builder", renamed Content Type Builder. A powerful tool to create API's on the fly in minutes instead of hours. We tried to reduce the complexity of this tool by redesigning the entire user-experience to offer an easy-to-use and more understandable UI to build API's.
Administration Panel

Next steps

  • Develop the first plugin. This will be the Content Type Builder which gives the ability to create API's on the fly.
  • Build our hosting infrastructure to provide an easy way to put apps online.
  • Finish the plugin's integration in the core framework (this work has already begun on the branch feature/plugins)

How can I help you? Feel free to submit a PR or open an issue on GitHub. Send us an email at, if you need support or anything else, we will be glad to chat with you. Don’t hesitate to ping us on Slack.

Thanks for reading!