Inside the box - January & February, 2017

We hope that everything is doing well for all of us. We are super excited about 2017! As you may know, we joined an international incubator based in Paris, one month ago. Things are moving fast for us. We just reached the first thousand stars on GitHub and two awesome people joined the team to help us to handle the massive amount of work that we are facing.

What's new?

We released the alpha.2 and alpha.3 over recent weeks. The major changes are:

  • Improve strapi auto-restart
  • Allow CLI to generate an API into an API
  • Format error responses with Boom
  • Use ESLint instead of xo
  • Update the generated API's files with async/await pattern

The framework layer is almost done for us. We developed all the major features that we wanted to. Until the official release, we will fix minors bugs and improve the connectors strapi-mongoose and strapi-bookshelf by adding a very simple blueprints logic into them.

Currently, we are focusing our efforts on the dashboard and our cloud deployment solution. We can't wait to show you what we are working on! We are taking our time but we can ensure you that's big. You will be able to develop your production API from start to finish thanks to Strapi.

We also updated the ROADMAP to give you an ETA for the strapi@beta release.


On January 25, we were hosting the ParisJS meetup at Upper (our incubator). It was an amazing experience for us to introduce Strapi to the JS community in Paris.

We also gave a talk at ParisAPI to speak about our vision of the API, and how we imagine the future at Strapi. The event was free and open to anyone! This was a great moment to meet you. We hope we could repeat this kind of events more often! Big thanks to Hired and MailJet for the organization.


We think about implement HTTP/2 protocol on Strapi for the beta release. The protocol is pretty well supported on all devices (see It will help us to drastically improve performances on Strapi.

A few days ago, we asked for help to answer to our survey. We would be very happy to receive more answers. It will help us to define the next big steps for Strapi, and especially for our cloud hosting platform.

How can I help you? Feel free to submit a PR or open an issue on GitHub. Send us an email at, if you need support or anything else, we will be glad to chat with you. Don’t hesitate to ping us on Slack.

Thanks for reading!